Current State – 2021-02-18

Our State and our Local Community has experienced conditions that most of us haven’t seen in our lifetimes. These conditions have taxed our infrastructure to the limits, and we are all scrambling to get back to normal conditions. I want to share some things that you should be aware of, and things we can do to assist.

First and foremost is our water supply. Canyon Lake Water Service has been working relentlessly to restore water service, and has made very good progress. There is great concern over the volume of water leaks on the consumer’s side of the meter and with local subdivision plumbing. These leaks are impacting the restoration of service.

If at all possible, turn off the water supply to your home until you are notified that main service has been restored. This will help minimize the damage to your home if you have burst pipes and will speed restoration of service.

If you spot a leak, anywhere along roadsides or in your yard, please report it

For the latest status click here.

Many of you are without drinking water, and stores are sold out. I have reached out to our County Emergency Management Team and requested any resources available to assist with providing drinking water. Many of our friends and neighbors around Spring Branch have offered to share drinking water with those that are able to go and get it. You can visit for specifics. You may need to join to view.

The coming days appear to be better in terms of weather and conditions, so hopefully crews can expedite repairs a restore water.

I will advise any updates on this webpage over the coming days.
Please be safe and patient.

James Mayer